Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

Scope of Application.

The following general terms and conditions issued by OACO Professional Services (contractor) are valid for all services relating to open seminars, events, presentations, and webinars agreed to between the contractor and the client. In-house events of any kind (e.g. presentations, training sessions, seminars, coaching sessions) fall under separate general terms and conditions.

Service Provision and Copyright.

The client recognizes our exclusive copyright to the works we have created (training documents). This also applies to the audio and image recordings relating to the training program. Any reproduction, use, and/or distribution of said works by the client requires our prior written permission.

Seminar/Training Fee Payable during the online registration.

Payment Terms/Set-off/Retention Unless otherwise specified, the agreed fee is payable on registration. Should the client cancel an agreed seminars/training day, the client will be promptly issued with an invoice as an outstanding fee payable immediately by the client upon receipt of that invoice, at no extra charge. This applies equally to a delay on the acceptance of the service on the part of the client.

Cancellations Requested by the Participant/Client.

a) Written form Cancellations on the part of the participant/client must be requested in writing or through email sent to the participants/clients.

b) Open seminars/presentations, cancellations requested by the participant will result in the following payable participation fees, indicated as a percentage of the agreed total participation fee and divided into the following phases:

Cancellation- 30days before Seminar or Training date - 10% of the Seminar/Training fee would be deducted to cover administrative expenses
Cancellation - 15days before Seminar or Training date – Only 46% of the Seminar/Training fee would be refunded to the cancelling participants.

Should a participant be unable to participate in a seminar or presentation, she or he has the right to designate a replacement and must do so in writing before the seminar or training date. The replacement must confirm in writing that by way of a debt assumption he or she is liable for the payment of the participation fee in full. This, however, does not exempt the participant from the obligation to pay the agreed participation fee. There are no extra costs imposed for the designation of a replacement.